About MDT

MDT is a leading manufacturer of KNX products for commercial and private buildings, known for their top-quality and user-focused approach. With over 300 diverse products offering intelligent functions, they provide tangible benefits to users. Continual innovation ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry, earning them recognition as one of Germany's most innovative SMEs. MDT's commitment extends to personalized customer support, with their team of KNXperts ready to assist with any queries or issues, making them a trusted choice for automation needs.

Quality, not quantity


New branding

In recent years, MDT has noticeably grown as a manufacturer of innovative KNX products. To strengthen the brand and support the internationalization of the company, they have modernized their logo and the entire branding. The fresh design and the modern logo are seamlessly tied to their predecessors and therefore guarantee that the brand will be recognised.


‏‏‎ Extension to the main building

In order to meet the growing demand for KNX products, MDT expanded the company headquarters in Engelskirchen with an extension, which was put into operation in 2019. The new building has increased production and administration capacity by 50%


‏‏‎First MDT KNX product range

Since 2009, MDT have exclusively manufactured KNX products. The first range featured XY products. These included binary inputs with integrated logic function – a combination that had not previously existed in any product. Today, they continue to bring new, innovative products to the market.


‏‏‎New company name

The brand name of MDT working memory was increasingly equated with the company name, which is why MDT decided to officially change the company’s name from MCI to MDT technologies in 2005.



Today, MDT is known as a manufacturer of leading KNX products. However, MDT had already been operating in the electrical and electronics market for more than 25 years before it started producing KNX components. Since their foundation in 1983, they had produced personal computers and working memory trading under the name MCI.